Friday, July 18, 2014


It's been a while, but I'm finally linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the amazing Five Minute Friday community of bloggers with the word prompt BLOOM.  

I don't consider myself a "mommy" blogger.  It's not because I'm not a mom, because I am.  It's because, as a mom, I feel the most inadequate in all my roles in life.  I don't have creative ideas for road trips, or pinterest worthy ideas for getting the kids to obey and do chores.  

However, motherhood, has altered my life in so many wonderful and fulfilling ways.  Motherhood, in all it's triumphs and fears, in all the laughter and tears, in all the trials and victories, is where the most growth has happened in my life.  

For years, I looked to my mom and some of the ladies I grew up knowing as "second" mom's to me as being the ideal mothers.  They were the unattainable perfection for my unrealistic goals regarding being a mom. I held them on a pedestal, and now I understand where my admiration came from.

These ladies labored long and hard for years raising their children.  They went through the very growth that I am going through now.  God grew them spiritually through their natural work of motherhood.

I am a terrible gardener, and would consider myself a brown thumb.  

Something I've learned recently about growing a good plant that will bloom in it's season is this: it requires pruning.  Pruning is necessary to bring forth the harvest, the fruit, the full bloom.  God is in the business of pruning our broken, dead and overgrown areas of our lives so we can bloom into the gift He's called us to be - to bloom into the purpose for which He's called us. 

This is what wikipedia says about the purpose of pruning:  Reasons to prune plants include deadwood removal, shaping (by controlling or directing growth), improving or maintaining health, and both harvesting and increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits. 

God is working away in us, removing the dead parts, shaping us to direct our growth, and he's improving our spiritual health to increase the yield and quality of the fruits that we bear.  

Motherhood, is the place where I realize just how much of a sinner I am, and how far short of God's glory I fall.  But, when I look at those mature mothers, who are like strong, old oak trees, who have weathered the storms and still bloom with green leaves, when I look at them, I now understand the reason they bloom  is from the pruning through the early years.  

They are the perfect example of Psalm 92:14 (AMP) "[Growing in grace] they shall still bring forth fruit in old age..."

Let your roots dig deep into Him, for it's in deep roots that we will bloom.  Let's be determined to learn in this season of motherhood, and see where God wants to take us to bloom.  This is a season of pruning for me, and now I'm truly grateful for the growth that is taking place.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Using Your Gift

Have you ever tried to fit in someone else's pants only to realize that you are a size bigger or smaller than they are?  When I was 13, I got baptized (for the second time).  I wasn't planning on getting baptized, but felt strongly about doing it.  I didn't have a change of clothes, so someone told me I could borrow their extra pair of jeans they happened to have.  The problem was that those jeans were two sizes too small for me.  I was trying to put on too small jeans on wet legs.  

I think our gifts are the same way.  God gifts each of us differently, and even people with the same gift have different means of delivery.  God has given me a gift to encourage others through written words, but I have the hardest time saying them out loud to people.  I have a friend who has the same gift of encouraging others, but can't write worth a lick.  

The point is that we can't all wear the same gifts in the same way, and we don't all have the same gifts.  If the jeans don't fit, we need to stop trying to force ourselves into them.  Sometimes walking in our gift means we have to step out in faith and start using them.  What is your gift?  How can you use your gift(s) to glorify God and point others to Him?

Let me encourage you today to take one step in what God has anointed you to do.  Could it be that He is pressing on your heart to bring a meal to someone?  Do you feel like you could help organize your church office, clean the toilets, or take out the trash?  Whatever it is, step out in faith and start using your gifts.  

Father, thank you for giving us good gifts!  Thank you for loving us even in our weaknesses.  I ask that you would help us to identify the areas where you have gifted us, and to reveal to us what you would have us do with those gifts.  Thank you for every good and perfect gift is from you.  I praise you and thank you for all that you are doing!  In Jesus name, Amen!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker, and the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers.  Today's prompt word is Release.  Join us if you can!

I've held on so tightly, trying to stay in control.  I am a perfectionist, who is completely imperfect.  I have struggled with insecurity and belonging and worthiness.  Living all of this while God is there saying "let go, give it all to me."

See, nothing in this world is mine.  It all belongs to Him.  This blog that "I" started, is not mine to hoard, but His to do what He wants to do with it.  It's all for His glory.  

When I say "I'm not good enough, I don't write well enough, my story doesn't matter", I am essentially saying God, I can't release this - it's all mine anyway.  There is nothing I can say on my own doing that will change a life, but if I let Him flow through me, He can do amazing things.  

If I let go of needing to be perfect, saying it perfect like some of my favorite writers do, He can flow through me more freely.  If I can let go of needing to be in control, He can take the reigns and give me bigger dreams than I can give myself.  

I choose today, to release it all to Him.  To let go of needing to direct my steps, and instead, let Him lead me like the gentleman He is.  I give it all to you, Lord.  I let go.